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DIY Camper Van Insurance

DIY Camper Van Insurance Guide for DIY Campervan Owners

Hello, DIYer are you ready for great DIY camper van insurance at affordable monthly or annual rates? Campervan insurance doesn’t have to be expensive so I’m going to show all you DIYer how to find a better policy if you follow this small, but a useful guide.

When you build you own campervan you expect the best fittings and furniture you can afford so why not get the insurance for the campervan cheaper as well?

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DIYer - get a quote for your campervan hereAbout DIY Camper Van Insurance Policies for Campervans

Van insurance policies are available to suit a myriad of vehicle types and people. The products in this category go well beyond the traditional third party, comprehensive and personal and legal protection although these covers are available.

When choosing a policy for a camper van that will be used recreationally, due consideration should be given to the purpose of the vehicle as this will help the van owner to choose the right degree of protection for a given amount of money. If you are searching the market for cheaper coverage, here is a look at the different types of policies available.

Different Cover for Different Campervan

Coverage for T2 campervans: This policy will cover a VW camper whether it is being used for business oriented trips or personal reasons. This type of a policy covers the transportation of any type of cargo and even people. If the van will be used for a variety of purposes; such an exhaustive policy will certainly serve the business well. While T2 camper insurance can be a tad bit more expensive than regular cover; given the comprehensive nature of the policy; it is possible to get heavy discounts on coverage if you shop online or fill in your details here.

Insurance for Transit Based Campervan

Transit Campervans: As the name suggests, this policy is well suited for personal use and businesses in the camping and travelling sector. Insurance for Transit campervan is specifically meant for people that carry expensive items and people to protect the loss of which may result in a liability claim. This type of policy not only protects the vehicle but also the contents being transported in it. So, the policy will also work well for travelling in Spain or France if you have European campervan insurance.

Multi-Campervan Polices for Businesses

Fleet coverage: This cover is ideal for companies that own a large number of vehicles which are used commercially and hence have to be insured as such. Campervan fleet insurance plans will be cheaper than buying an exclusive policy for each vehicle. Not only can the insured company get impressive loyalty bonuses and other discounts but also the fleet can be insured for a larger amount. All the campervans in the fleet can be insured under the same plan or depending on how the vehicle is used, a unique policy can be bought for every van you own.

Duration of coverage

Vehicle owners also have options when it comes to choosing the tenure of the van insurance policy.

Short term cover:

These policies can be used to insure the vehicle for no more than 28 days. This type of insurance will be feasible for businesses that own a campervan but do not use it too frequently; in this case, buying a long-term policy will be a waste of money. Also, short term policies work well when used for vehicles that have been rented or borrowed. The features of short term coverage are the same as those of long-term policies; however, the cost of short-term insurance can be considerably lower.

Long term insurance:

These are the regular, annual campervan policies; they offer varying levels of protection based on the type of cover the owns wants. The bare minimum is the third party insurance which is a legal mandate in all states. However, if a campervan owner is willing to spend a little more, additional coverage can be bought with a comprehensive or third party fire and theft policy.

The more expensive the campervan is, the most cover you take out for it or go with comprehensive at every turn.

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Campervan insurance policies should not be chosen haphazardly; it is imperative to carefully consider the extent of protection that the campervan insurance needs and the requirements of your travelling lifestyle before making a buying decision.

Are you ready for some DIY camper van insurance my friends at a reasonable price? Compare prices and save on everything today!

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