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This article will explain how to find campervan insurance for 6 months if there is such a policy and if there is, and how to buy one with affordability in mind.

I will talk about camper van insurance and other related information about insuring recreational vehicles.

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Motorhome Insurance or Campervan Insurance for 6 Months

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Insurance policies for recreational vehicles, these days, have become very expensive for inexperienced and young drivers. But so not much for older campervan or motorhome owners in the UK. This is especially true if the policy is bought for a region that has a high crime rate because vans are prime targets for most thieves as getaway vehicles.

This ever increasing cost of vehicle insurance policies has made it particularly difficult for van owners to get their vehicles insured.

In fact, the situation has reached such a level that even the financial benefits of buying the policy online have started to pale in front of the price increase. However, there are still ways and means through which you can reduce the cost of your van insurance policy. Here are some tips that, when combined, can easily convert an expensive policy into an affordable policy.

Need motorhome or camper van insurance for 6 months?1. Install a tracker in your campervan:

As mentioned above, one of the biggest risks for your van is that it can get stolen which is why a good chunk of most policies is dedicated to this situation. A tracker is a device that will allow the policemen of your region to track the stolen vehicle after it has been stolen.

The installation of a good enough tracker makes it easy for the policemen to retrieve your van. Hence, as the tracker reduces the risk to your van, most insurance providers give discounts to campervan owners who install trackers.

2. Set up other security devices:

While a tracker would make it easy for the police to retrieve your van, other security devices would protect your van from getting stolen in the first place. All types of security devices are recognised by van insurance providers as risk-reducing variables that also end up reducing the cost of the policy.

Some security devices approved by most insurance providers include secure doors, anti-theft alarms, campervan immobilisers for ignition and gear locks.

3. Choose voluntary excess for cheaper rates:

If your van gets damaged in an accident then you can make a claim for a certain percentage of the cost of the repair. This claim percentage also defines the kind of premium that you pay to the insurance policy provider. If you can reduce this claim percentage then the total cost of the policy will fall.

This is possible with the help of the voluntary excess option. By choosing voluntary excess, you would basically be telling your camper van insurance provider that you are willing to pay a bigger amount of money from your pocket in case of an accident.

4. Information about your no claims bonus:

There is also certain other bonuses and discount offers that you can avail for reducing the cost of your policy. The foremost of these is the no claims bonus. No claims bonuses are bonuses or reductions in the cost of the policy that is forwarded to the policyholder if there have been no claims made in the previous stint of the policy.

Therefore, with the help of no claims bonus and good, responsible driving, you can reduce the cost of your insurance policy quite easily. It is also worth mentioning that some van insurance companies would allow you to transfer your no claims bonus from another firm to them as well.

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