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This article will offer you where to get the best campervan insurance advice for UK campervan owners looking for an insurance policy. As far as advice goes you can only get advice from companies that are regulated by law to offer you advice and the form you use to compare campervan insurance here regulated but borrowed.

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Regular Information on Camper Van Cover

Campervan advice and free quotes from expertsCampervan insurance can cost more than a regular policy simply because larger vehicles are more expensive than cars and they can cause more damage in case of an accident.

Also, insurance providers have to routinely make reimbursements for damaged goods, so the higher cost of cover is understandable.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual to find campervan owners skimping on a good cover and buying a no-frills policy when they know they need a comprehensive plan just to save money.

However, there are several simple tips to lower the cost of a policy.

Joint policies can help you to save a bundle

The best way to save on any insurance is to add another person to the policy and another campervan if possible. This can lower rates significantly. Unlike health insurance companies, UK insurance providers are simply concerned with their premiums and will not create an issue about adding another person to the policy. They love older drivers with no convictions of criminal records.

Parents And Teenagers

If the vehicle is used for personal purposes; a parent and his teenage son or daughter can own joint policy There are several advantages to this; teenagers with fairly new driving licenses have a tough time getting cover and even when they do, the charges are exorbitant. However, if you own a joint policy with your teen, the rate of coverage will be considerably lower.

You’ve heard about going on daddies policy, haven’t you?

Also, there are several ways to avail a discount on such a policy. For instance, your spotless driving record and your teen’s good pass plus course will offer some discount if any because sometimes Pass Plus sometimes isn’t worth the bother so I’ve heard.

Although the discount is being given to the parent and not the teen; this is a wonderful way to procure the necessary cover till your kid turns 25.

Business Partners:

If you need commercial campervan insurance, try getting a policy with your partner. Business owners can own vehicle insurance jointly; once again, you can get huge discounts if you also buy insurance for your personal vans/cars/bikes from the same company.

Married couples:

Married couples can also take advantage of this approach and can get hefty discounts. However, you need to ensure that both of you have a good driving record with no history of claim collection.

Unmarried couples in a relationship:

It is also possible to buy insurance jointly with your partner. However, some states may have a law against allowing unmarried couples to jointly own an insurance policy, so check with an agent or get in touch with the provider directly.

Buying different types of policies from the same insurance provider.Campervan advice and free quotes

Another surefire way to reduce the cost of insurance is to buy various policies from the same provider. The insurance sector is known for its cut-throat competition and you as the consumer can benefit from this rat race.

Many insurance firms also offer home and health coverage apart from camper policies. Clubbing all your coverage requirements together and buying from a single company will earn you considerable discounts.

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The two tips given above are among the simplest strategies to lower the cost of commercial and personal van cover. If you want to add to the benefits of buying a joint policy, look for quotes from several companies online, compare the rates of their products and you will be able to buy an affordable campervan insurance policy that offers just the right degree of protection.

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