Average Cost of Campervan Insurance is £300 to £500 Per Year With a Few Years No-Claims

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Learn About The Average Cost of Campervan Insurance

Let’s have a look at the average cost of campervan insurance and what it means for you as a camper van owner. If you love travelling then the coast really doesn’t matter, but let’s have a look at what the cost is roughly cost you when you buy a policy. A good camper van policy will cost you about £500 per year.

Working Out The Cost of Campervan Insurance

These are calculated based on a good no claims record, on a 30-year-old having a licence for 7 years. If you are under 25 years of age then the cost will be so much more because it is quite a heavy vehicle and an expensive one.

If you are under 25 years of age then the cost will be so much more because it is quite a heavy vehicle and an expensive one.

If you are 50 years of age and you have 10 years no claims bonus and an excellent driving record with no accidents or convictions in the last 5 years, then your cost should be around £350 per year.

Special Note

Remember these figures are only an estimate from my experience insuring campervans for years. So please do not take this as gospel because they may not be as accurate as you might think and the best way to really know how much you will pay would be to get a quote.

The Insurance Industry

As the insurance industry quickly took to the internet for providing potential insurance buyers with greater accessibility to insurance products, it also began realising the unlimited potential of the medium for the industry as a whole. The ease with which a website can be established and run on the internet has resulted in there being a lot of insurance providers, while the number of buyers has primarily remained stable. In different words, there is now more supply than demand, which is the inverse of the pre-internet days.

It’s a Buyer Market!

Effectively, the biggest thing that the internet has been able to do to the insurance industry is that it has turned the insurance market from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. However, in practical terms, this means that insurance providers now have to attract buyers to them actively and cannot just sit back. The direct result of this is that there are numerous steps that online insurance providers take to make your i.e. the buyer’s, life easier.

Here are the details of various ways through which online insurance providers try to make themselves more attractive to potential buyers like you.

1. A streamlined purchase process:

The most widely known comfort that an online insurance provider gives to its buyers is the comfort of a fast and streamlined purchase process. Typically speaking, an online purchase of an insurance policy would take you anything from a single day to a few days, which is a major improvement from conventional methods which would be anything between weeks and months.

Furthermore, you would be able to purchase these policies from the comfort of your home or office which means you would not have to put in extra effort in the process.

2. The online insurance quotation system:

A very useful tool that these online insurers provide is the online quotation system or premium calculators. These modules can be used by the potential buyer i.e. you for calculating how much the policy will cost you.

These quotations act as semi-formal offers from the policy providers, which means that you can purchase the policy on these financial terms. Moreover, as these quotations can be obtained free of cost, you can get as many as you want and compare them all in detail.

3. Greater customization of policies:

Furthermore, these modules would even allow you to play with different features and manipulate the policy’s purview on the basis of your requirements. For example, if you come across a van insurance policy with a clause for co-passenger medical cover but are a bachelor and do not need it then you can possibly remove it while asking the insurance policy provider for a quotation.

4. Bonuses and discounts:

Finally, the fact that setting up an online website is so affordable, most online insurance providers forward their savings to the end-user. This usually comes in the form of bonus clauses and discounts that these online providers provide time to time. Such bonuses and discounts can easily help you reduce the cost of your van insurance policy significantly.

I hope you have a better understanding of the average cost of campervan insurance and now you can compare prices with eCampervan here. Compare away here.

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