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Welcome to the campervan insurance and motorhome insurance comparison site where you can compare the best names in the game for better prices.

You can also find out about what the policy covers and where you can find a good policy online during the day or at night.

You really can save you time and money, even if’ it’s only £60 to £100.

What’s covered in a campervan insurance policy?

The whole campervan will be covered for theft, damages and equipment inside the campervan.

If you opt for a comprehensive campervan policy, you can make sure you are protected to the hilt because fully-comp is the best policy to take out.

  • Owners liability and legal cover for court fees
  • Gas bottles and camping equipment
  • Awnings and outdoor equipment (if any is stolen)
  • Tires and mechanical damage if your in an accident
  • You’re covered for fire and theft and damages caused by other people

I don’t need to tell you that motorhomes are expensive, do I?

Make sure you go for the best insurance just like you would your own home because it’s kind of your second home, isn’t it?

Do you need a policy for your campervan?

If you drive on the road then yes you do.

And if you want to stay out of trouble with the police you need to make sure the insurance company knows your contact phone number.

Please remember the following details…

  • Mobile number to make you aware when the policy ends
  • Your active email address to send out policy information and renewal details
  • Your current address and your main address so you can be contacted if anything happens at all with your policy or motorhome

And that’s about it for the policy and your insurance company.

Does breakdown cover come with my camper insurance policy?

Breakdown cover can be added to your policy if you ask the insurance company when you’re on the phone to them or you can add it in the quote form when you fill it in, in a minute.

Make sure you let them know you want breakdown cover for European visits or breakdowns anywhere in the UK.

What does campervan insurance cost?

It can vary depending on the cost of your campervan or motorhome.

Insurance is based on risk, so if your vehicle costs £35,000 you can expect to pay around £550 per year if you have a few years no claims and no convictions on your record.

Find out more about drunk driver camper van insurance here.

That £550 is just a rough indicator and you cannot count on that figure because insurance rates change nearly every day.

The cost also depends on you as a driver and these as follows…

  • How long you’ve been driving
  • Where you live in the country
  • The value of your campervan and the value of the contents
  • Driving convictions, if any
  • The size of the camper could also be taken into consideration by the insurers

Where can you find self-build camper van insurance?

A lot of camper owner build their own campervan from the ground-up, it’s a great hobby.

If you do build your own vans then you may want to search for self-build campervan insurance or go to this page to learn more about the self-build cover.

I have a page just for self-built camper cover you can see here.

Can I insure my classic campervan here or get quotes?

  1. Yes, you can cover all classic campers here like the old VW campervan and other types of classic campervans you own or looking at to purchase.

  2. Cover every type of campervan so you can trust your policy is waiting for you when you need it.

Do you need a campervan insurance comparison?

  • I think you do and if you’re here for an insurance policy for your campervan you might want to use the free tools available for campervan owners.
  • All you do is fill in the details about you and your van and we’ll get straight to it. We’ll ask the best names in the game for prices just for your make and model.
  • You can start the comparison here if you want or read on.

That’s it on campervan insurance now we’ll go over motorhome insurance and what you need to know about this type of insurance coverage.

Motorhome Insurance

How much is motorhome insurance?

  1. Just like camper van insurance, your motorhome policy is more of less the same, apart from the make and model of course, and the value.
  2. Again the cost will vary because motorhome come in all shapes and size and insurance costs cannot be guessed or assumed.
  3. So again the best way to find a decent policy is to ask as many companies as possible for a price and that’s what we do for you here at eCampervan

Can I find motorhome breakdown cover here too?

  • Most policies come with a breakdown cover policy from the AA, The RAC or Green Flag or maybe another company that just caterers for recreational vehicles.
  • When you compare prices in minutes you can ask for breakdown cover to be added to your policy and pay the cost monthly or annually, it’s up to you how you do it.
  • That about covers it for motorhome breakdown cover and now you can find out more about what the policy actually covers.

What does the policy cover my motorhome for?

The policy covers any owner liabilities and claims made against you and your motorhome.

It also covered fire and theft and other things like these before…

  • Owners liability and damages (also third party damages)
  • Paintwork and front and rear bumpers and framework
  • Damages if you smash the motorhome in an accident
  • You can add tire cover if your tires are slashed or maliciously damaged
  • All your camping equipment can be covered by the policy
  • Your contents if you get broken into and stuff is stolen

Now let’s learn about the short-term cover for motorhomes.

Can I buy short-term motorhome cover here?

Short-term motorhome insurance is not a problem here at eCampervan Quotesearch LTD (provides the form you will use), will do our best to find you a great policy for short-term usage.

Do you need motorhome insurance right now?

  • If you need a policy right now you can fill the form in if it’s not too late and you’ll get a call with the best offer on hand.
  • All it takes is a few minutes and you’ll get quoted from names you have heard about and names you haven’t heard about before.
  • You can use the form 24 hours a day and get an answer from 8 am until 10 pm during the day.

Where can I find the best price for motorhome cover?

Compare prices from top names in the motorhome games and you can bet your boots that you’ll be happy with the policy you find here today.

Using the motorhome comparison tools available here

This is how to use the free comparison tools on our website today.

  • Step 1: Go to the form to compare motorhome or campervan insurance quotes
  • Step 2: Fill it in and we’ll do the rest for you
  • Step 3: Wait by the phone for the best price to come to you
  • Step 4: Choose the policy you need from the choices you have

And if you get any problems (which I’m sure you won’t) the insurance advisor who is going to call you will bend over backwards to help you sort a policy out.

Go ahead and use the campervan insurance and motorhome insurance comparison site that gets results every day for owners all over the UK, just like you.

They really are a good bunch of people.

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